Mouthy made… Elenor’s homemade fanny repair kit

For when the time comes… cool and soothe

I don’t know Elenor. She’s a friend of a friend.But I’m sure she won’t mind that I’ve shared her recipe (or that I’ve added the word ‘repair’ to her recipe title. I’m just not sure you’d quite know what I was getting at otherwise). This recipe comes highly recommended from said friend and as the last month of pregnancy approaches I’m willing to have everything I can think of at the ready for the aftermath of B-Day. Plus it’s really rather simple. Ten minutes max.

The all important ingredients


You’ll need some cling film, foil, a roll of bandage gauze, a tube of witch hazel (I opted for Boots own for convenience but you can probably find cheaper) and a small space in the freezer.

On a nice clean surface cut the gauze into approximately 20 cm long strips. Cut a piece of cling big enough to cover a strip and lay it down flat. Place one gauze strip on top and then apply a good squeeze of witch hazel down the middle (2-3 inches long). Place another layer of cling on top, followed by another strip of gauze, a blob of witch hazel and continue layering these up until you’ve emptied the tube. I managed to make about 12 layers.

Finish off by adding one more layer of cling and wrapping the whole lot in a neat foil package. (Not forgetting to write on it what’s inside.) Then just stick it in the freezer and forget until needed. When the time comes, simply pop a gauze strip in your knickers as and when required.

Once the birth bit is over and done with I’m sure I’ll be only too grateful to have something cool and soothing I can use down there. I’ll let you know if they work… you lucky things, you.


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