Pink or blue? Yuck – neither thanks!

OK, not literally. Of course we want our child above all to be healthy and I’m guessing that being born as one sex or t’other would help with that no end. I’ve just been infuriatingly disappointed by the choice of unisex baby gear out there. And more to the point, even if we knew baby was going to be a girl, does that really mean we’d have to fill the house with all things pink for fear that people forget what sex she is and start referring to her as he?

Even if you opt out of the all-pink or all-blue wardrobe then you’re once again limited with having to choose between a range of gender specific icons like tractors and butterflies, going for that sex-less and taste-less soppy yellow colour or going all-white (which everyone knows will be dull shade of grey within a few washes).

Most depressing still is the dominance of the old ladies’ favourite, Beige. Probably one of the bleakest colours in the world. As usual, each to their own, but why isn’t there more bright, bold, fun baby stuff out there?

Well my hat goes off to H&M for creating a gorgeous range of fun, colourful alternatives. Not to mention being perfectly affordable (given how quickly they will be outgrown) and easily handed down to family and friends. My favourite being this very cute stripey long-sleeved number. More of the same please.

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