Week 3 – Happy families (at last)

The turmoil of the first week and the incessant alarm calls of last week have finally subsided away and we’re all feeling, well relaxed. Instead of sticking to an alarm, Ernie does the reminding for us. And he’s regular as clockwork, which is reassuring. Feeds are faster and pretty fuss free now that we’re so much more organized. I owe a lot of the smooth running of feeds to our Tommee Tippee Travel Flask.  Some days it doesn’t go further than the lounge and back to the kitchen. I know it sounds stupid but having boiling water on tap to heat the bottles saves unnecessary upset if and when a top-up is required (a godsend when it’s 4 am and you’ve already been up once in the night).

Hubby was still of work this week (highly recommend for all new dads to try to add an extra weeks holiday onto their paternity leave). And it really did feel like a holiday. Things are so chilled we even managed to have a few day trips out as a brand new family. I think we might be getting the hang of this parenting lark… I’m on my own next week so we’ll see.

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