Week 6 – Lippy (Puckering up? Things must be looking up.)

I think I’m finally getting this parenting thing liked. OK I spent all of last Friday in my PJs in front of the telly (back to back White Collar on Netflix to be precise) after a really rough night with Ernie. Just feeding and napping, feeding and napping. And that’s OK. Because today we got up, dressed and out of the house by 10 am to run a few errands and enjoy a bit of life in the real world.

But first I made time for me. Time to have  a decent shower by putting baby in his bouncer and positioning him just outside the bathroom door so that he wouldn’t get wet but he could still see and hear me. Then got dressed in proper clothes (not joggers and baggy t’) like a normal human being. Finish with a touch of my favourite shocking pink lipstick (the truest indicator of how I’m feeling) and I felt like a million quid. Despite a few public-screaming fits, we’ve been getting along swimmingly. We even got an invitation to pop along to a drop in group by a couple of mums I met, so we’re one step closer to making those new mummy friends we’re so desperately short of. It finally feels like we’re winning.

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