Week 13 – Romance reborn (there is such a thing as sex after baby)

OK, maybe it’s too much information but sex has been a big issue in our house for months now. We managed to stay active right up to the birth so at least it wasn’t as long a drought as it could have been. But my low body image, lack of energy and general distraction due to baby have kept us in a depressingly celibate state. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been far from front of mind for me. However, I’m pretty sure Chris’ mind still follows the every 30-second rule, so you can imagine how frustrated he’s been over the last weeks.

Sex is obviously important and never more so than now as hubby feels increasingly pushed out by the wee man. The chance of a spontaneous moment of abandon has long been a thing of the past, until now.

Thanks to a combination of a bedtime routine that sees baby snuggled up upstairs in bed by 9 pm most nights (thank heavens for monitors), a few evenings of heroic babysitting by my folks, and some opportunism on our part, things are back on track. OK, I still feel a long way away from my pre-baby body but hubby has been great at helping me forget. From now on the when, where and hows will have to be more creative, but we never did mind mixing things up.

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