Why easyjet.com is not the ideal choice when travelling with babies

I’ve always been a big fan of easyjet. I’ve travelled with them many, many times and have never had a bad experience.

We’ve just organised ourselves a break to get away with my folks. Just a simple week in the sun. So, obviously first port of call was to check out easyjet flights.

Once we had all agreed on a destination (Ibiza) and a date, I went ahead and booked.

It was only after we’d got it all planned and budgeted and ready to book that I realised that to put anything in the hold will cost another £37 per item (each flight).

That’s nearly £80 just for one 20k bag!!

They have a useful page on their site dedicated to explaining the ins and outs of travelling with kids. Great. But you’ll notice that they don’t get their own carry-on bag (bar the very basic nappy bag) unless they have their own seat.

Well of course I’m going to need extra luggage for the little ‘un. He comes with a long and complex packing list that would impress even Lady Gaga. So, I’m going to have to swallow it this time but I won’t be making the same rookie-mum mistake next time. (June ’14)

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