Happy shopping with toddlers

It’s hard enough getting time to write a shopping list these days. Let alone get through a whole supermarket without at least one mini-meltdown. Shopping with a toddler AND a baby… lunacy. I often opt for click and collect. But sometimes you just can’t avoid having to take the kids shopping. So what’s the solution to this everyday parenting problem? Make it a game.

My toddler is now really into words and letters. Although he can’t read, he’s learning what letters words begin with. Even though he totally mispronounces the question “What forgins with…?” (and it’s too cute to correct for now) he’s getting really good at guessing the right start letters to most words. So to help with my shopping mission, and make my life easy, I got him involved from the start.

It was great fun getting him to help me write this list. Then adding a little picture and a tick box meant he could also do a shopping scavenger in store. That, and a free piece of fruit each (thanks Tesco) meant baby enjoyed watching the game and we were in an out in record time with little to no fuss.
Happy shopping!

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