who is mouthy mum?


Thanks for stopping by.

I started this blog nearly 4 years ago when I was a naive wide-eyed first-time mum. Most days during that first year I didn’t know my arse from my elbow, so why I thought I could also find the time and brain power to launch a successful blog is beyond me.

And so it is, with the benefit of hindsight, plenty of parenting know-how and know-how-not-to, as well as a fair bit of research, and a few more hours sleep, I have decided it is time to start again.

As mum to two full-on boys, E (3.5-years) and F (1.5-years), I’ve been there, done that and got puke on the t-shirt. When no. 2 showed up I knew I had to be better. Think smarter. I couldn’t live with the constant chaos and the headless-chicken lifestyle we had been living. So I set about changing. Listing, planning, making. Little simple ideas that just might help each day go smoother.

Some worked. Others have been unceremoniously abandoned. But I think they’re worth a try. Because being a parent is rough. Honestly, it’s the biggest test of your relationship and your sanity that you will come across. There’s just so much at stake, every day.

I’ve made countless mistakes but I’ve also learnt a few things. And I’m still figuring stuff out. But, if something’s not worth the time and effort, I’ll say so. If a product isn’t worth the money, you’ll hear about it. I’ll share some of my tips, tricks and even the not-so-sucessful shortcuts in order to save others the time, energy and tears.

I’m writing this for my kindred spirits. Fellow mums who find the trials and tribulations of life with babies and toddlers at times overwhelming. The worriers. The-stick-it-in-google-and-see-if-it’s-normal reaserarchers. The whoops-I-forgot-to-look-in-the-mirror-before-I-left-the-house-again-this-morning types. And not forgetting the all-too-often-overlooked dads.

Please forgive me for not revealing myself. For the sake of the kids I have decided to keep my identity secret for now. But don’t let that put you off. In truth, I also enjoy the air of mystery. It also allows me the freedom to say what I really feel without offending those close to me. So it should also make for a more interesting read!

Just think of me as the mum you see around town. The one that is always just a little bit hyper. I’m not the one that seems to have life sorted. I’m not the one always smartly turned out. But you’ll notice I’ll often have a smile on my face. Because I f’ing love being a mum. And no matter what the little tikes throw at me (and there have been actual facial injuries involving large chunks of wooden train track) I get up every day with the determination to make it a good one.

I hope you find something useful here. If not useful, then amusing at least.

In the meantime, good luck. Go forth and parent.



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